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Chi Running: Mix Martial Arts with Cardio To Boost Endurance

It might sound crazy to blend tai chi with running, but surprisingly, it can enhance your overall endurance and form. Here are the basics—and how to get started.

Who Can Do It
"When you work on someone’s arm strength or leg strength or foot strike, you find out where they are inefficient," says Dreyer. Though the online training programs are for beginners or intermediate runners, Dreyer says that many marathoners and triathletes train with Chi Running as well. "No matter what level you are at, we always take people down to zero," he says.  

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The Training
Chi Running has more than 200 instructors worldwide, and three instructor-training programs a year. "We have a lot of physical therapists, medical doctors, personal trainers, and coaches," Dreyer says. Chi Running also has online training programs with supplemental videos to show you exactly what your technique should look like. For these training programs, which include 5K, 10K, half-marathons and marathons, you set the date of your desired race and the training program backs up from there. "You work on that one technique for a week, then have a different technique for the next week," Dreyer says.



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