If you’re ready to ditch the exercise machines and find a new way to achieve lean, powerful, and functional muscle, UFC Fit is the kind of program built to force those extra pounds to tap-out fast.

Mike Dolce, the designer of UFC Fit, wanted to create a dynamic, exciting training regimen worthy of a championship contender but accessible to anyone willing to take on the challenge. That’s where UFC Fit was born. “I believed it should be more universal, more inclusive of every person, and that’s really how UFC Fit began to manifest: a training program for everybody," says Dolce.

Dolce is a former fighter himself. He competed on season seven of The Ultimate Fighter and has worked with some of the top mixed martial arts fighters in the UFC and the world including Gray Maynard, Victor Belfort, and Johny Hendricks, who is set to challenge for the UFC welterweight title against Robbie Lawler on March 15.

In fact, Dolce trimmed himself from 280 pounds down to 195 when he was competing. It’s safe to say that he is an expert in training and nutrition.

UFC Fit comes with 12 at-home training DVDs inspired by Dolce's work with the MMA’s top athletes, and the program aims to help you carve out a incredible fighter’s frame in 12 weeks. UFC Fit comes equipped with three nutrition templates that are flexible to your lifestyle, a 12-week workout tracker, and a lifestyle and nutrition manual. After just 90 days Dolce says, “you’d be in shape to compete for five 5-minute rounds. Conditioning-wise, strength-wise and health-wise, you could do it.” Similar to an actual MMA match, workouts feature up to five exercises for five rounds or 3-4 exercises for eight rounds, weaving in martial arts techniques with calisthenics and dumbbell work.

Dolce harnessed the principles that ignited his dramatic weight-loss and the training philosophy that landed him in Hendricks' corner to bring you a training and nutrition routine geared not just to get your ripped, but to change your life. The proof is there. Hendricks said he believes in Dolce and his training and nutrition program. He’s seen the results and now, with UFC Fit, you can too!

Want to see how it works? Check back with us in a few weeks, when Men’s Fitness will be putting the UFC Fit 12-week program to the test ourselves!

To learn more about UFC Fit, visit ufcfit.com.