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How to Run Like a Man...In a Dress

Does clothing impact athletic performance? And exactly what does your attire say about your manhood? Decked out in dresses—for charity—six guys race against two dozen women through downtown Manhattan to find out.
George Austin and NYRR

Personal trainer Matt Daniele went from groom to bridesmaid in just 30 days.

Preparing for the “Runaway Bridesmaids” charity road race, a special heat of the New York Road Runners’ Fifth Avenue Mile, the newlywed recently slipped into a sequined turquoise dress and matching sneakers and surprised his clients at Asylum Fitness.

His new training wardrobe got a lot of laughs but didn’t impede his speed during a succession of 50 sandbell jump squats, 40 side-to-side burpees, 40 pullups and 40 Hindu pushups.

“I thought he looked hot,” jokes his bride, Valeria Daniele, who cheered on her husband and 30 other elegantly dressed runners last weekend in Manhattan. “I like the way his muscles glisten in the dress.”

“Matt’s the most confident guy I know,” she adds. “If anyone can pull off this look, he can.”

Daniele has no plans to offer a regular “Bridesmaids” workout at his New York gym, but he says his dress was as loose and comfortable as the shorts and t-shirts he usually wears.



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