I’m no Bryce Harper or Gabby Douglas in terms of cardiovascular fitness, but kind onlookers did say that I “rocked the purple dress” while huffing and puffing to the finish line.  Although I have no plans to go clubbing in that outfit (at age 44, I don’t actually “club” at all), I was surprised at how much I appreciated the tongue-in-cheek compliments.
So who was the fastest Bridesmaid?  I won’t pull a Paul Ryan and fabricate my personal time (you can see the full results here), but I am proud to have achieved my goal of being the “Fifth Fastest Guy in a Dress.”

I ran an 11:18 mile, well behind Olympic runners Matthew Centrowitz and Bernard Lagat, who each ran the 20 city blocks in less than four minutes. I wonder how their times would have been impacted if they, too, had run in satin.

The top two Bridesmaids finishers were Matt Daniele, the personal trainer, and Holly Cassandra Corbett, who plans to run the New York City Marathon in a similar outfit for her charity, New Light India.  

Daniele (5:55) had enjoyed a comfortable lead over his rival for most of the race, but Corbett (5:57) snuck up on his heels and had the crowd egging them on for a nail-biting finish. One of the chants from the sidelines that may have pushed Daniele over the top was “Don’t Let a Girl Beat You!”

“It wasn’t about that,” Daniele insists. “I didn’t want to get beat by anyone, period. If I’m going to race in a dress, I am going to bust my butt and do my best to win it.”

“Bridesmaid” Darren Garnick is now training for New Hampshire’s Renegade Playground Challenge race. Check out his tips for running with broken ribs or follow him on Twitter @darrengarnick.  A special shoutout goes out to the Marry & Tux Bridal Shoppe for providing Darren’s eggplant A-line dress, which his wife Stacy calls “classy.”