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Reebok Spartan Race Times Square Challenge—Live Blog from Times Square! [VIDEO]

The Crossroads of the World just got transformed into the world's coolest obstacle course—we're bringing you all the action LIVE. Following the announcement of a Reebok- Spartan Race partnership, Brooklyn Decker and Tiki Barber are running the course in

Times Square: 12:16 pm: We just interviewed Tiki Barber and Brooklyn Decker, and BOTH shared the they thought the course was tougher than they'd expected—especially the rope obstacle. "I'm not a strong as I thought I was says," said Brooklyn. "But still, it was a lot of fun!" 

Times Square: 12:09 pm: Next up through the Reebok Spartan Race Times Square Challenge obstacle course: Tiki Barber, American football all-star and former Giants running back. Do you think he'll get tripped up by any of the obstacles—or fly through them? [update: Tiki says that he might do the course a second time!]

Times Square: 11:45 am: Aaaaaaand....the moment a LOT of us have been waiting for! Brooklyn Decker is about to run the Reebok Spartan Race Times Square Challenge obstacle course! We almost didn't recognize her, as one of our favorite hot blondes recently became a hot brunette, but we're loving the new look. Now, we can't wait to see what she can do on those climbing ropes!


Times Square: 11:33 am: "Team Extreme" is going through the course—in gas masks! These marines are racing to raise funds for Wounded Warriors  A huge crowd has gathered to watch and cheer them on! You cannot watch these men and NOT be inspired to race yourself!


Times Square: 11:09 am: We're checking out the obstacle course challenges that have been set up in Times Square for the Reebok Spartan Race Times Square Challenge, and make no mistake: These aren' t wimpy versions of the real thing! We're seeing climbing ropes, barbed wire stretched over dirt, slippery monkey bars and more. Just waiting for Tiki and Brooklyn to have their turn at the course!


Times Square: 10:31 am: Nice! We just learned the actress/model Brooklyn Decker and football all-star Tiki Barber are going to be running the Reebok Spartan Race Times Square Challenge. If you're anywhere near the area (head for Broadway, beween 42nd and 43rd) head on can register to run the course with them! A few cool facts about Spartan Race

  • The race series expects to attract half a million athletes in 2013 (up from 350,000 in 2012)
  • Spartan Race has more than 2.3 million "Likes" of Facebook
  • 1/3 of the Spartan racers are women


Times Square: 10:15 am: We're live from the Spartan Race in Times Square and attending a press conference that had promised MAJOR news. Turns out, that Reebok has just announced a multi-year partnership with Spartan Race. This collaboration marks Reebok's commitment to one of the world's newest and fastest growing sports—obstacle racing. 

As part of this just-announced, multi-year partnership, Reebok will be the title sponsor of the race starting with the first race of the season at Vail Lake resort in Temecula, California on January 26th and 27th. It will also be the official apparal, footwear and accessories supplier for the "Reebok Spartan Race" series. The racing series will also be featured in Reebok's upcoming global marketing campain...the first time obstacle racing has been featured in a major campaign. Reebok also plans to develop a range of products specifically created for the demands of Reebok Spartan Race athletes, which will be available in fall 2013.


Times Square, 10:00am ....And we're live from Times Square, awaiting the start of the press conference at the Spartan Times Square Challenge. Looks like Reebok is about to make a big announcement (we've heard there's a partnership in the works).


(Midtown, 5:30pm) They call New York City an urban jungle—and on Thursday, January 17th, the organizers of the Spartan Race are turning Times Square into the ultimate jungle gym

Watch this space for our first-ever live streaming coverage of the Spartan Race Times Square Challenge, which takes place at Broadway Plaza between 42nd and 43rd Streets, in Manhattan. The organizers will be setting up some of their best challenges, and those who are registered are invited to run the course. If you do, you may end up on our live coverage of the event!

We've also heard that actress-hottie Brooklyn Decker and New York Giants All-Pro player Tiki Barber will be at the Spartan Race Times Square Challenge to help make a big don't miss it. Set your clock to tune in starting at 10am tomorrow. 


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