NYC Marathon 2012: Don't Miss These Inspiring Runners

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NYC Marathon 2012: Don't Miss These Inspiring Runners

These five stories might motivate you to lace up and train for 26.2 miles—some through grit, others through humor.

Daniel Gravelle, running with the Runaway Bridesmaids team to help fight sex trafficking

Talk about being tough: Daniel Gravelle has run a marathon on every continent, including Antarctica. This NYC marathon will be his 15th, and he is running it alongside his wife, Nancy Yeomans, on what also happens to be the six-year anniversary of when they ran the Athens marathon together on their honeymoon in Greece. He's running not only to celebrate, but also to do good: Dan will be part of a team called the Runaway Bridesmaids and will be running with five other women in a dress to raise money to build a shelter for the kids of sex workers.


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