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Q&A: Eric and John Jackson's Epic Surf and Snowboarding Trip

Here’s how two brothers and professional snowboarders made it from Alaska to Chile, riding the freshest snow and surfing the best waves.

MF: Did you have to prepare physically for the trip at all?
JJ: I spent a lot of time in the gym, recovering from a couple of injuries and trying to stay as healthy as possible—a lot of balance exercises, biking, yoga, swimming, and the basic strengthening. I feel climbing is some of the best training as well, benefiting the physical and mental. For this trip, I felt we needed to prepare mentally just as much as physically.
EJ: During the season, snowboarding is my main way of staying in shape. When riding, you use so many little muscles that are difficult to target in the gym. But every fall I go to southern California and work with a personal trainer for a few months, just to get mentally and physically in shape for the season. The Brothers on the run trip started in April after I had been snowboarding all season so my body felt really strong. I'm also really into yoga — I love to breath and stretch before I ride. It warms me up and puts me in a good mental state of mind.

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MF: What did you eat to stay healthy and hydrated while riding?
JJ: Before a big day of filming I usually just ate a ton. On a long backcountry day, my lunch is stuffed with all the essentials on top of a big breakfast. I eat lots of protein, whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies, and I try to make it all organic.  I probably pack in 3,000-4,000 calories a day, but honestly I don't really calorie count, I just feed the fire.  Feed it well and it'll burn longer.
EJ: I'm big on drinking water — that is my beverage of choice. Hard boiled eggs are a great snack to bring in the back country, along with nuts and dried fruit. Smoked salmon is a good one too, especially when in Alaska or British Columbia  

MF: Where were the most exciting places to surf and board along the way?
EJ: The scariest surfing was definitely in Mexico. There were some big waves there with Bruce Irons. That was a scary one for sure. It was definitely out of our comfort zone. But it was cool, it was good to push ourselves. It was really fun to watch the people who were actually really good.
JJ: If you were a good surfer, that would have been like your favorite spot to surf. For us it was like, yeah those waves are really good but I felt like I almost died. I think the favorite [snowboard] riding was in Alaska.



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