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The Speed Conditioning Workout

Get faster now with this high-intensity, dual-purpose workout.


Hip rotations
Stand with feet at outside hip width and rotate right leg forward in a circular motion. Then, rotate backward. Repeat on other side.
Reps: 10

Wall swings (lateral)
Reps: 10
Face a wall and place both hands on wall. Swing one leg across body and back out.

Wall swings (saggital)
Place one hand on wall so you’re perpendicular to it, facing the back of the room. Kick one leg forward, then backward. Repeat on other side.
Reps: 10

Spider-Man steps
Reps: 12 (each side)
While in pushup position, step forward with left leg so your heel is two inches away from your left hand. Repeat on right side.

Reps: 10 (5 each side)
Do a pushup, and then pivot your body to the side so you’re facing the side with one hand posted on side and the other in the air.

Glute hip bridges
Reps: 10

Cook hip lifts
Reps: 8
While lying on ground with one knee bent, hug your knee to your body. Then, do a hip bridge with the single leg that is bent on the ground, driving through the heel.

Seated arm mechanics
Duration: 2 x 20 sec
While sitting on the ground, imagine that you’re are sprinting without your legs. Mimic sprint arm mechanics without twisting or turning and while keeping good posture.

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