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Survival Expert Bear Grylls Reveals His Tips on Training for a Tough Mudder [VIDEO]

How to get in top physical and mental shape for the toughest 12-mile obstacle race on earth. Plus, common training mistakes to avoid.

Aside from his slew of insane adventures on Discovery Channel's series Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls races Tough Mudders. And the 12-mile race isn’t dubbed the world’s toughest for no reason—it’s loaded with 25 military-style obstacles (including a vegetable oiled half pipe and an electric shock field) intended to trip you up.

Getting through it takes a ton of physical, but most importantly, mental strength, says Grylls. So how do you train for (and survive) such a beast of a race? In an exclusive interview with Men’s Fitness, Grlls gives us a run-down on Tough Mudder training, complete with mistakes to avoid, race-day nutrition tips—and the one thing that can make or break your finish. 


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