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The 6 Biggest Mistakes of New CrossFit'ers

Looking to get involved with the functional fitness scene? Know the newbie mistakes first.

Man Stretching and Warming Up

4. Focusing Too Much on Long-Term Goals vs. Short-Term Objectives

CrossFit is the same as any other discipline—in order to become faster and stronger, you've got to put in the time and sacrifice. Many athletes get overwhelmingly caught up in the excitement and their end goal that they lose sight of the shorter objectives that need to get done first and foremost. "You’ve got to think in terms of each rep, each step, and each meal," says Lanier.

5. Not Training Strength Soon Enough

CrossFit is well-known for the insane metabolic conditioning and “intensity” that's shown in videos and on television. Run this far, swing this kettlebell and do these pull-ups. "Strength is needed for all these things, and too often I see fit athletes fail at a workout due to lack of strength, not lack of endurance," says Lanier. Strength training is 100% the difference between a beginner, an intermediate, and an elite athlete so learn the exercises and get liftin'.

6. Neglecting Warm Ups and Stretching

Warm-ups and stretching might not be the most exciting part of a workout, or even exciting at all, but without them you're flirting with the danger of injury. There's no reason at all for an athlete of ANY level, not to warm up with a light jog and dynamic stretching (stretches that mimick actual exercises and movement patterns).



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