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The 6 Most Brutal CrossFit WODs

Launch your adrenaline into overdrive by taking on CrossFit's most gut-wrenching workouts of the day.

4. The Seven

The Facts: 

Exercises are done as quickly as possible in a cycle for seven rounds. Each round includes 7 handstand pushups, 7 135-pound thrusters, 7 knee-to-elbows, 7 245-pound deadlifts, 7 burpees, 7 kettlebell swings, and 7 pullups.

The Brutality: 

No filler exercises here—every piece of this WOD brings up a new challenge, and you’ll have to be ready for more since there are seven rounds. “The thrusts are the most difficult part for me, but a lot of people can’t even do a handstand push-up, so that could be the hardest part for some people,” Forster says. There are various ways to modify handstand pushups if you haven’t mastered them and are ready to tackle the rest of this circuit.

Challenge Time: 
According to Forster, a “monster” time would be 20 minutes. If you haven’t completed this WOD but are on your way, shoot for 35 to 40 minutes.

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