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The 6 Most Brutal CrossFit WODs

Launch your adrenaline into overdrive by taking on CrossFit's most gut-wrenching workouts of the day.

5. The Ryan

The Facts:

The Ryan lasts five rounds, done as fast as possible. Each round includes 7 muscle-ups followed by 21 burpees. The workout is named after Missouri firefighter and CrossFit enthusiast Ryan Hummert, who was killed by sniper fire while responding to a call.

The Brutality:

On its own, mastering the muscle-up is a rite of passage in CrossFit. Not many people know how to do one, so being able to perform one shows a huge commitment to CrossFit training. That said, this WOD requires you to complete a huge number of them. Haley advises to get a great coach who can do muscle-ups well if you have an interest in learning the exercise. Once you learn that, this circuit will provide yet another insane challenge.

Challenge Time:
Try to get your time under 25 minutes. Highly experienced CrossFitters can get down below 15 minutes.

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