Top 10 High-Performance Sports Sunglasses

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Top 10 High-Performance Sports Sunglasses

The latest lineup of protective eyewear will keep you covered (literally) from workout to race day.

You wouldn’t wear the same shoes to run on pavement as you would for a technical hike. (At least, let’s hope not.) Same goes for eye protection. There are several factors to consider when finding the right pair of sunglasses to satisfy the demands of your sport.

For example, if long bike rides are your thing, opt for anti-fogging lenses and lightweight frames with side ventilation to beat temple-dripping sweat. If you work out at different times each day, quickly interchangeable lenses save you from buying multiple pairs for both high- and low-light conditions. And if you want versatile sunglasses that double for workout and casual wear, there's an option for you, too.

There’s a lot to think about when you're dropping serious dough on specs, so Men’s Fitness scoured top quality sunglass manufacturers for you. Here, the best in protective sports eyewear this fall.

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