Top 10 High-Performance Sports Sunglasses

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Top 10 High-Performance Sports Sunglasses

The latest lineup of protective eyewear will keep you covered (literally) from workout to race day.

4. Best for Triathlon

Rudy Project’s Hypermask sunglasses work for both the running and cycling stages in a triathlon. The ultralight glasses weigh less than one ounce, have wide visibility, and use an adjustable nosepiece and rubber temple tips for a stable fit. One set of lenses comes with the pair, but extra lenses are worth the investment—since you never know what race-day weather conditions will be like. Both the RP Optic lens and the ImpactX lens provide 100 percent UV protection, but if you have to pick one, go for the ImpactX lenses: they’re virtually indestructible and heat and chemical resistant. Polarized lenses will be available in 2013. ($200 for RP lens; $225 for ImpactX lens;

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