Top 9 New Tough Mudder Courses for 2013

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Top 9 New Tough Mudder Courses for 2013

Presenting our list of Tough Mudder’s badass additions this year—plus three new obstacles guaranteed to kick your butt.
It throws you to the elements, forces you through electric shocks, and douses you in frigid water—and you can’t get enough of it. Well, challenge accepted: Tough Mudder promises a bigger and badder 2013, raising the bar with three new obstacles and nine new courses.

Here’s the lowdown on each one, plus annual high and low temps so you’ll know what to expect and how to dress. Each one will push your mental and physical endurance to the edge, but no one gets off easy — every course is carefully engineered to be an equal conquest. So get out there. We dare you. >>>

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