Top 9 New Tough Mudder Courses for 2013

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Top 9 New Tough Mudder Courses for 2013

Presenting our list of Tough Mudder’s badass additions this year—plus three new obstacles guaranteed to kick your butt.
In an effort to create a better, tougher course, Tough Mudder is switching up its course location in the Tar Heel State. November in Charlotte can bring chillier temperatures and occasional ice storms. Be prepared. To get a taste of this year’s Tough Mudder, check out the Carolina event’s video from October 2012, held at the Moree’s Sportsman’s Preserve. And stay tuned for 2013’s new venue.

When: November 2nd & 3rd

Where: Venue TBD

Average Temp: High 62° F, Low 39° F

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