Tough Mudder's 20 Most Badass Obstacles

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Tough Mudder's 20 Most Badass Obstacles

Got the guts to enter? Presenting our Men's Fitness Survival Guide to Tough Mudder's most intense challenges — loaded with insider-approved strategies to get you through America's toughest obstacle course.

1. Twinkle Toes

This slippery log bridge running over an icy pond will definitely keep you on your toes. Tread lightly and carefully—this obstacle isn’t one to blast through. Chances are Tough Mudder officials will put this obstacle right after one that strips you of all energy. This obstacle demands strength and stamina, sure, but it’ll push you to the limits of balance and agility as well.

Hint: Breathe yoga-style, expanding your diaphragm to full capacity. This will slow your heart rate and put you in a solid mental state to tackle Twinkle Toes.


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