Tough Mudder's 20 Most Badass Obstacles

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Tough Mudder's 20 Most Badass Obstacles

Got the guts to enter? Presenting our Men's Fitness Survival Guide to Tough Mudder's most intense challenges — loaded with insider-approved strategies to get you through America's toughest obstacle course.

13. Hangin' Tough

Hangin’ Tough is every gymnast’s dream, and every regular athlete’s nightmare. Similar to the Funky Monkey, you swing eight feet above cold water, grabbing greased rings. Start standing on the wooden platform, grab your first ring, and proceed across 25 feet. Should you fall into the water, you receive a penalty of a five-minute wait time on shore before continuing.

Hint: Don’t try to rush through Hangin’ Tough. With each grip you’ll have a few seconds to think and plan your next good swing to the next ring before your fingers give way to the grease. Instead, take your time and look ahead. Use those precious seconds wisely.


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