Tough Mudder's 20 Most Badass Obstacles

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Tough Mudder's 20 Most Badass Obstacles

Got the guts to enter? Presenting our Men's Fitness Survival Guide to Tough Mudder's most intense challenges — loaded with insider-approved strategies to get you through America's toughest obstacle course.

18. Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank tests your fear of heights and cold water as you stride out on a piece of wood positioned 15 feet above a pool of chilly water. First, climb 15 feet up a steep wooden structure. Make your way along the wooden side rail and stabilize yourself. The quicker you jump, the quicker you’ll be out of the wind. You probably won’t touch the bottom, but you’ll be submerged for a good three seconds. Once afloat, get your bearings and swim 50 yards across the lake to continue one.

Hint: Some people actually wear thin wetsuits under their clothes for this one. Some also wear headlamps, which would hopefully survive a jump like this and be useful in tunnel and low-light obstacles.


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