Tough Mudder's 20 Most Badass Obstacles

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Tough Mudder's 20 Most Badass Obstacles

Got the guts to enter? Presenting our Men's Fitness Survival Guide to Tough Mudder's most intense challenges — loaded with insider-approved strategies to get you through America's toughest obstacle course.

19. Tired Yet?

Bringing in some of the biggest rubber tires around, Tough Mudder laid out a field of tired you have to tiptoe your feet through carefully. Climb a small, five-foot hill of rubber tires and cross the 40-foot tire field. This is a good obstacle to take your time and catch your breath, but run with caution because unevenly spaced tires sit at uneven heights so you’ll trip up.

Hint: When you’re running through Tired Yet?, use your core and pull your legs and knees high into your chest to ensure full clearance of the tires.


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