Tough Mudder's 20 Most Badass Obstacles

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Tough Mudder's 20 Most Badass Obstacles

Got the guts to enter? Presenting our Men's Fitness Survival Guide to Tough Mudder's most intense challenges — loaded with insider-approved strategies to get you through America's toughest obstacle course.

2. Berlin Walls

Perhaps one of Mudder’s toughest obstacles, the Berlin Walls are near impossible to scale without teammate help. 12-foot wooden walls are again strategically placed when you’re mentally and physically drained. When you come to this colossal roadblock, you’ll no doubt need a boost from your teammates to reach the top. Camaraderie is key here.

Hint: First, quickly push two or three teammates to the top. Then, remaining teammates can push each other up, as teammates at the top pull them up. The final teammate takes a running start and launches his body upward, grabbing the hands as teammates at the top hoist him up.


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