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Train Like an Olympic Fencer

Olympic fencers Tim Morehouse and Race Imboden detail the combination of cardio, strength, and technical training that goes into competing in their sport.


To get a taste of fencing training, Imboden and Morehouse each suggest doing plenty of sprints to build up leg strength and explosiveness, and Morehouse also recommends the Kinesis machine for weight training, stretching and full body workouts. He stresses the effectiveness of doing a workout that forces you to change directions for a more efficient and challenging workout.

“Any time you’re changing directions, which is a really key skill in fencing because you’re constantly retreating and advancing, it’s like 10 times the workout,” he says. “So if you sprint, stop and go the other way, you basically have to catch your entire body weight. You have to stop all of your momentum and go back the other way.”

Tim Morehouse's Weekly Workout


9:30 AM-11:30 AM Strength Training and Cardio Conditioning (PEAK FITNESS in New York)

2:30 PM-5:30 PM Fencing Practice (Manhattan Fencing Center)

Consists of an hour of footwork, drills, one-on-one lesson with coach on technique and strategy, drills for specific skills of a fencing match and practice matches with teammates


9:30 AM-11:30 AM First Fencing Practice

12:30 PM-1:30 PM Physical Therapist (Bodhizone Physical Fitness)

2:30 PM-5:30 PM - Second Fencing Practice

Wednesday (light day)

11 AM-12 PM Strength Training

2 PM-4 PM Video and Mental Training Preparation

5 PM-7 PM Fencing  Practice


Repeat Tuesday


9 AM-12 PM Strength training and conditioning

5 PM-8 PM - Fencing Practice

Race Imboden's Weekly Workout


7 AM - wake, breakfast, email, watch video

10 AM-2 PM - lifting, kettle bells & core strength

3 PM - break

4 PM - one-on-one technical lesson 

5 PM - break

6:30 PM-10 PM - Fencing group class:

Stretching, footwork, drills, 

Open bouting (fencing matches)

10 PM - cool down (running, stretching & meditation)


7 AM - wake, breakfast, email, watch video

9 AM - mild jog

10 AM-2 PM - cardio, suicides

3 PM break

4 PM one-on-one technical lesson 

5 PM break

6:30 PM-10 PM Fencing group class:

Stretching, footwork, drills, 

Open bouting ( fencing matches)

10 PM cool down (running, stretching & meditation)

Wednesday, Friday

Repeat Monday - except round robin, full club bouting on Friday evening

Thursday, Saturday

Repeat Tuesday



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