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Train Like an Olympic Sprinter

Bust into the world of an Olympic sprinter with this strength, track and diet plan.

Since we were kids, the fictious lives of superheros made us wonder what it would be like to have their powers. Even now we see them on the silver screen being bigger, stronger and faster than the average human. Today's athletes have evolved so much that they seem to actually possess these super-human qualities. If you ever wondered what it would be like to train for superhero strength and ability, take a look at the life of an Olympic Sprinter.

These athletes are the total package of strength, power, speed and explosiveness wrapped up into a lean mean running machine. But what does it really take to compete on the national stage when all you see on TV are sub 10-second races?

The trade off:

1. The Olympics are every four years.

2. The average really competitive sprinter trains about 20 hours a week for just seconds of a race.

3. They only take 30 athletes for each event that qualify for the trials and only the top three from there make the team.

Still like those odds? Then let's put some surefire elements together to get you on your way!

The Sprinter's Strength-Building Routine >>



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