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Train Like an Olympic Track Cyclist

British cyclist Jamie Staff talks about the preparation that goes into getting ready for the summer Olympics' fastest sport.

Track Cycling Workout

Sample Week Training

Mon., May 7

Road 1 hour Z1-2

Starts: (80m x 3, 125m x 1) x 3

Tues., May 8

Gym-Uphill Starts

Rolling 3/4 x 4 50 kph 

Wed., May 9

Road 1 hour Z1-2

Thurs., May 10

Road 1 hour Z1-2

Flying 100m x 4:(IS.OOS alt) 45k entry at T3

Fri., May 11 Gym

Motor Chase 375m x 4 from 25k seated

Sat., May 12

Road 2 hours Z2

Sun., May 13 REST  

Jamie Staff's 2008 Sample Workout Log

Mon., Jul. 28 18

Starts & accels. Race wheels 80 80 Accel 94, 96, 98

Starts felt snappy. Time in gate was good. Accels felt easy and still felt like I had gear under myself on the 94" on the home straight.  Legs feel well rested.. 

Tues., Jul. 29 17

Swim and rollers.

Legs feeling fine and tired free. Slept better, but not great.

Wed., Jul. 30 16

Speed F100 96", F200m x 1 96-98", F200 mp entry x 1-2 gears tba


Efforts felt easy today and we're fun.

Thurs., Jul. 31 15 REST

Restful and relaxing

Fri., Aug. 1 14

lap x 2, Dress rehearsal

Starts felt good, didn't feel as good ast he trial a couple of weeks ago, but I'm only just into the taper, so know it will come.

Sat., Aug. 2 13 REST Chill.
Sun., Aug. 3 12 REST

Chill, train back to Newport

Mon., Aug. 4 11 Travel

Travel went pretty smooth and stress free.

Tues., Aug. 5 10


Didn't feel too bad on arrival and slept probably 5-6 hours on the plane

Wed., Aug. 6 9

ROLLING 200m X2????? Or maybe just a track w-up?? Go on feel?

Efforts on track felt OK, jet lag doesn't seem to be too bad at the moment.

Thurs., Aug. 7 8

Starts: 65m,65m,125m   65m,65m,125m

Starts felt good, but not fantastic. Still having disrupted sleep, so know it will get better.

Fri., Aug. 8 7


Restful day, sleep slowly getting better.

Sat., Aug. 9 6

Accelerations from Turn 4 96 x 2

Accel's felt good and snappy, times were good too. Feeling good. Excited

Sun., Aug. 10 5 REST

Went to Oakley, had massage and span my legs. Feeling good

Mon., Aug. 11 4

F100  F 150

F100  F 150

Tues., Aug. 12 3 REST

Massage in morning followed by a light roller session. Legs feeling really good. 




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