World's Most Extreme Adventure Races

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World's Most Extreme Adventure Races

From dizzying altitudes to scorching deserts, these 11 ultramarathons, ironman triathlons, and obstacle courses call for almost super human strength.

Comrades Marathon - South Africa

While shorter than typical ultra-runs, this 56-mile road race from Durban on South Africa’s east coast inland to Pietermaritzburg is no less intense with a knee-crunching 500-meter drop in just 13 and a half miles . The course direction switches every year, running from Durban to Pietermaritzburg and vice versa. Despite five grueling climbs, the June race attracts at least 12,000 runners annually. The race is broken up into cut-off points. Runners who don’t make it to the next cut-off point before the final gun goes off will be picked up in a rescue bus and transported to the finish. Race officials enforce this rule strictly, shattering finishing hopes of hundreds of runners. Entry tip: Running from Pietermaritzburg to Durban is considered the downward course. And better yet, the international entry fee is only $180—making it one of the world's cheaper races. (

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