World's Most Extreme Adventure Races

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World's Most Extreme Adventure Races

From dizzying altitudes to scorching deserts, these 11 ultramarathons, ironman triathlons, and obstacle courses call for almost super human strength.

Chasqui Challenge - Peru

The Chasqui Challenge is a 100-mile stage race in the Andes Mountains that happens every June. The Challenge is comprised of the Inca Trail Marathon—27.5 miles on the Inca Trail toward the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu—followed by a 31-mile trek around Mt. Ausangate with a few other distance running days tossed in for good measure. Youʼll traverse three major peaks scaling heights of nearly 14,000 feet on the marathon course. Be sure to save post-Inca Trail energy though, because just three days later youʼll begin the Mt. Ausangate circuit traversing the highest pass at 16,600 feet. Sign up in advance because Inca Trail permits often run out six months beforehand. With an entry fee of over $3,000, you won’t want to make this mistake. (

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