World's Most Extreme Adventure Races

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World's Most Extreme Adventure Races

From dizzying altitudes to scorching deserts, these 11 ultramarathons, ironman triathlons, and obstacle courses call for almost super human strength.

Marathon des Sables - Sahara Desert

This six-stage, 150-mile marathon across the Sahara desert can break even the most hardened athlete. Race rules demand utter self-sufficiency, so don’t expect help. You’ll carry your sleeping bag, water, food, and other items necessary for desert survival. (Pre-race examinations will confirm you have enough.) With May's scorching Sahara temps climbing over 110 degrees F during the day and plummeting to below 50 degrees F at night, your feet will swell at least two sizes. Extra-large shoes, trekking poles, a brimmed hat, and a nose kerchief for dust storms are a must. (

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