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Fittest Guys in America

Special, exclusive interviews with nine of the 2008 MF 25

Brady Quinn - NFL Quarterback

MF: How does the workout of a quarterback differ from that of, say, a linebacker?

BQ: I think the biggest thing is I obviously focus a bit more on my shoulders and my arm, both in the way of protecting them when you work out—you don't want to do any exercises that compromise that—and also, you want to remain extremely flexible in everything you do. That's a huge component in your throwing motion, just helping yourself to remain loose, so you can just drop back and throw the ball.

So what kind of exercises do you do to promote your flexibility?

I do different types of stretching and various running drills, things of that nature, just to get loosened up. After I get done, I spend some time static stretching. I think everyone has those big rubber bands that you can use to stretch out your legs, shoulders, and so forth. And there's a thing I like to use called Power Plates that help you become more flexible a little bit quicker.

What's your off-season lifting routine like? What are you trying to improve upon in terms of your body?

It varies from year to year. If you would have asked me this past off-season, I would have told you my focus was more on gaining back some muscle mass, some strength, some power, and explosion. Coming straight off a college season and jumping into preparation for the combine, you really don't have an opportunity to recuperate your body. You kind of just jump right into the next thing, and from there, you jump right into OTA and minicamps, and then you have a short break, and then you're in camp. This off-season was trying to get more flexibility, power, strength and explosion.

How's your diet?

I'm an advocate of organic foods and remain big on vegetables and raw foods, but I do try to max the one pound, one gram of protein intake, so I definitely try to stay lean and take in some lean beef, chicken, a lot of fish, that kind of thing. I supplement things with Myoplex shakes and other nutrition supplements.

What do you rep with if you're not trying to max out?

It all depends. My workouts vary. As far as strength training, I'll build up. I'll do like five sets of five, I'll start off with 205 lbs and build up to about 255-265 lbs. I'll pause at the chest for each five. And then at the end, I'll do a rep out set of 225 lbs. And then I'll shoot for 20-25, somewhere in there, depends on how heavy I go up.

You also spoke about explosiveness. Specifically, what kind of exercises are you doing to add that to your game?

It varies. One-armed dumbbell shrug, deadlifts, all different kinds of squats, RDL's. They help me maintain stability throughout my core but at the same time, they still help you develop explosiveness. I'm big into med ball throws of various types, developing explosion through that, and then probably plyos: Box jumps, jumping down from plyos, working on that kind of stuff, various plyometric exercises in between.

Last year, when Bill Parcells was working for ESPN, he brought out a letter he had written Tony Romo while in Dallas, imploring the young QB to squat and run. How important is the squat to your workouts?

It's huge. I actually do various types of squats, from front squats to back squats. There are all kinds of ways to do it. I'll do holds, maybe hold in a certain position, maybe I'll be in the end-range position, holding for 50 seconds with a certain weight, and various points throughout the actual movement, because I think it helps build stability. I think it helps build core strength and power, and, on top of that, of course running.

When you work out, what do you listen to?

I'm a classic rock type of guy. Sometimes it varies to hip hop, or some sort of hard rock. I enjoy listening to Metallica when I work out. I've got a thing for '80s rock bands, like Poison.

The Browns were very close to making the playoffs in 2007. What do you think you guys need to do to get over the hump in 2008?

I think we had a great opportunity at the end of the season to get in there. We just need to capitalize on those sort of opportunities. If we remain consistent and keep building, getting better as a team, we'll definitely make the playoffs.

Have you always been a lean guy?

I'd like to give my parents a lot of credit. I've always been pretty lean. Again, a lot of it too has been the workouts, eating right, and taking care of my body.

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