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Fittest Guys in America

Special, exclusive interviews with nine of the 2008 MF 25

Dierks Bentley - Country singer

MF: Tell us a little bit about how you workout when you're out on the road touring.

DB: It's a totally different lifestyle out here and requires a totally different approach. Every show you play you're totally exhausted but the only way to get all that energy back is to workout. The more tired you are, the more you gotta go to the gym and try to sweat out the night before and try to clean the slate so you can do it again. I'm not sure why you get more energy from working out but it seems that's the way it is. Just being out here is an active lifestyle. You're playing big rooms and have a lot of walking around and the show itself is a big stage and another hour and a half of cardio since there's a lot of running around. It's like getting two workouts a day. I've probably lost 15 pounds from when I first started touring just from the lifestyle itself. You just don't eat a lot of food when you're out here to begin with and get most of your carbs from a beer can. For a while I was doing 30 minutes of cardio on what I call the "Soccer Mom 4000," the elliptical glide. Something like that or the treadmill. 30 minutes of that and then some circuit training. My brother is 10 years younger than me and big into working out so he's always giving me different circuits to do, just trying to find four different areas and something I can do within a half hour. I'm not trying to get bigger but just stay in shape.

How do you stay active when you're not touring?

When I'm not on the road one thing I do every week is play hockey in a men's league back in Nashville. I've been playing hockey for the last seven years. That's a huge cardio workout. You're having so much fun you don't realize how hard your workout is or what your heart rate is.

You mean you play ice hockey, not deck hockey or roller hockey, right?

Yeah, ice hockey. If you go online, the team is the Nashville Ice Holes. If you Google it, it pops up. The guys that do it are pretty hardcore about keeping up on the games and blogging about them. It's an addictive sport and a great workout.

Now tell me about the old Jeep you bought to tow along with the bus. Did you get that just for working out?

I used to have a motorcycle but those are tiring. You come back and are just exhausted from the wind. I have an old '77 CJ7 Jeep. Most days it runs. Some days it decides not to. We've had some interesting situations with that thing. I got a Garmin GPS and wakeup and type in 'fitness' and it just pulls up the closest places. We just roll the dice and usually show up and trade tickets for a workout. I've probably been to more gyms, I could be doing research and development for a gym manufacturing company. We've hit every chain, every independent gym. There have been days we've worked out in the basements of churches out in the middle of nowhere. It's great having three other guys in the band who work out consistently. There are a lot of days you don't want to go but having someone there to drag you out of your bunk and ridicule you really helps get you motivated.

Have you always been an athlete? Did you play sports growing up?

I've always been pretty active. I never was really a standout at any sports but always loved playing soccer, baseball and lacrosse. I used to ski a lot in Colorado when I lived in Arizona.

You're one of the faces of Bud Light. I imagine you've got to work those extra calories off the next morning as well.

I don't drink too much beer. I make sure to hit all the proper liquid sources from vodka to a little Jack Daniels now and then (laughs). We have a good time out here but I don't get wasted every night. You can't tour six years running straight like that. Living on the road you don't eat a lot of food. I'll have lunch after working out, a small dinner and then a tuna fish sandwich from Subway every night after the show. I usually don't go to bed till about 3 AM most nights. It's 'The Tour Bus Diet." Don't eat a lot, drink beer, work out.

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