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Five Body-Weight Exercises You Should Never Do

These common gym moves do more harm than good.

I love body-weight training, but there are five equipment-free moves that you should never do—ever. I see people do these five exercises all the time at the gym, and it breaks my heart because they're really breaking a sweat, thinking that they're doings right. But they're really just messing up their bodies. For example:

Body-Weight Training: Five Gym-Free Moves

  • DO NOT do tricep dips with your hands behind you on the bench. INSTEAD: do close-grip pushups, parallel bar dips, or lying dumbbell tricep extensions.
  • DO NOT do any type of jump training on concrete. There's a reason why NBA players don't play games on concrete—they're worth too much money—and why weekend warriors are always hurting themselves playing pick-up ball on asphalt. INSTEAD: absorb the force by bending your knees and pushing your hips back, and by performing jumping moves on softer surfaces.
  • DO NOT do situps, crunches, or V-sits. INSTEAD: do planks, side planks, TRX fall-outs, and jack-knifes. They're so much better for your abs and you get more bang for your buck.

Five Best Body-Weight Exercises for Muscle Building

Click on the video to see all five body-weight exercises you should never do.

Craig Ballantyne is well-known fitness expert and creator of Turbulence Training – a popular high-intensity weight loss system. For more on Craig, visit


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