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How Many Calories Am I Burning?

Your weight-loss calculations for everyday activities.

Ever wonder how many calories you've burned while working up a sweat? How about for everyday tasks like yardwork or washing dishes? Well ponder no longer, Men's Fitness did the math. The calorie-burn for the following activities have been calculated for a 180-pound man.

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Activity Calories Burned Per Hour
Baseball 408
Basketball 653
Boxing 980
Biking (at 11 mph) 490
Cleaning the House 245
Dancing 367
Doing Laundry 176
Eating 122
Fencing 490
Football  653
Gardening 327
Golf 245
Jumping Rope 816
Kickboxing 816
Mountain Biking 694
Office Work 122
Pushup 653
Reading 106
Rock Climbing 898
Shaving 163
Soccer 572
Swimming (freestyle) 572
Tennis 572
Ultimate Frisbee 653
Volleyball 327
Yard Work  408
Yoga 204
Walking (at 3 mph) 269
Washing Dishes 188
Weightlifiting 490


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