How the Twilight Guys Got Ripped

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How the Twilight Guys Got Ripped

In honor of the release of Breaking Dawn - Part 2, here are the fit men who will have your girlfriend drooling into her popcorn—and how they got that way.

This vampire maintains his muscular physique with lots of water, protein, and intense workouts. He starts every training session with five minutes of cardio, and says the secret to his cut abs is working them harder and less frequently—as opposed to doing a little bit every day. Lutz, 27, squeezes in quick workouts whenever—and wherever—possible, like lunges when he’s walking his dog. And don’t think you can have a BD2-worthy bod without the proper nutrition: Lutz said he drinks between 12-15 bottles of water a day, eats small meals every 2-3 hours, and has a hard-boiled egg each night before bed.


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