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How to Win a Fight

When a fight picks you, our self-defense expert's moves will put an end to it—and possibly save your life.

Scenario 3: Charge and tackle

You never want to get pinned against an object or a wall because it makes it more difficult to assume a strong, stable position. Despite what you may have learned about wrestling in gym class, don’t try to grab their head. If they have control of your hips, they’re going to be able to throw you on the ground. You don’t want to lose your balance because if you go to the ground, it’s a different fight.

Your hands are going to naturally go forward, and you want to employ what we call “space and base.” Try to get your hands on their hips or upper body—depending on whether your hands happen to be high or low when they hit you—and try to push them away. At the same time, you want to keep your feet a little wider and slightly drop your center of gravity. From there, you can go to combatives like knees to the groin and stomping on their feet. Keep forward pressure on them to stay in control of the situation.


Scenario 4: Someone tries to stab you

You don’t want to try to Karate the knife away from them. The double chop has been around for decades in the martial arts world and in the movies, and it’s completely unrealistic. If you do manage to avoid the stab, don’t turn and run away. If they can catch up to you, now you’re getting stabbed in the back and you have no chance to defend yourself.

Your body is going to flinch naturally and you can build off that. You want to turn your body sideways to minimize the target, but stay close. You want to push the knife off of its path and away from your body, then lean into the attacker to control the stabbing arm and start striking. Hopefully, the first strike will scramble their brain a little and give you more time to act. Concentrate on the eyes, the groin and the head. There are certain things that will protect the bad guy from your attacks. Maybe he’s wearing a thick jacket or he’s just obese and it’s hard to do damage. But everyone’s eyes, groin and head will be vulnerable.


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