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How to Win a Fight

When a fight picks you, our self-defense expert's moves will put an end to it—and possibly save your life.

Scenario 5: You’re confronted by a group of attackers

What you don’t want to do against a group of guys is drop back into a fighting stance like they do in the movies—they’re not going to attack you one at a time. You don’t want to get in a shouting match with these guys either because it’s distracting. You also don’t want to let them circle you.

It might make sense in your head to take out the biggest guy or the leader first, but the rest of the group isn’t just going to stand around and let that happen, so hit the guy closest to you and move away as you strike. If you keep moving as you fight, it’ll increase your ability to find an escape. Even if you can’t get away, you might be able to find something like a chair to gain an advantage.


Scenario 6: Your attacker knocks you to the ground

Don’t turn away from your attacker and try to stand up. Looking in the opposite direction, you have no idea if they're trying to punch, kick or even stab you, so don’t lose the visual on them. It’s natural to curl up into a sort of fetal position in order to block any strikes and that’s not a bad start, but you don’t want to just lay there and let them play soccer on your body. Also, don’t try to pull them to the ground with you. Even if you think you can pull off a submission hold, you never know if they're going to start hitting you.

Keep protecting yourself when you’re down, but maintain a visual on your environment and your attacker. Even though you’re on the ground, you still want to hit the person as hard as you can. Kick to the shin, knee or groin, if possible, and if they’re leaning over, kick them in the face. Once you have enough space or the attacker is reeling in pain, get up as soon as you can safely do so. If you have time, take a deep breath and get up on one knee before standing all the way up so you don’t get dizzy.



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