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Is Stress Getting to You? Work Out!

When the daily grind becomes too much, let off some steam—the healthy way

If there's anything close to a magic bullet for stress relief, it's exercise. A good workout stimulates your body's "feel-good" beta-endorphins, hormones that are 30 times more powerful than painkilling morphine. Any of these activities will surely ease the strain:

  • AEROBIC EXERCISE "Running, cycling, swimming, the elliptical machine. Anything that's repetitive against moderate resistance," says David Posen, M.D., author of The Little Book of Stress Relief.
  • BOXING "Punching away on a heavy bag can be a great outlet."
  • SPORTS "Playing squash, tennis, basketball, soccer, or other sports is an excellent stress reliever."
  • YOGA "Meditation and stretching can help with slower breathing and clearing your mind."

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