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Your No-Time Holiday Workout Plan

Five time-saver strategies to building your body around the holiday hustle and bustle.

STEP 5: Personalize your plan

Assuming you've completed the first four steps, you now have all the information you need to design an exercise plan that fits your life. Calculate the percentage of time that you'll be doing weights and cardio, and then just follow the directions below for each.

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Your weight workout

Roughly calculate the amount of time it will take to perform one set of one exercise. Typically, it's about one minute, depending on the number of repetitions and the speed at which you perform the movement. Add in the 30-second rest period, and it'll take you a total of 90 seconds to perform one set of one exercise.

Now calculate how many total sets you'll be able to perform after subtracting your five-minute warm-up and any allotted cardio time. For example, if that leaves you with 18 minutes to lift, and you can perform one set of one exercise in 90 seconds, you have time for a total of 12 sets. That means you could do 12 sets of one exercise, two sets of six exercises, or even one set of 12 exercises. (Knock yourself out!) But I'd recommend you aim for two sets of each as a general guideline. I find that works best for training as many muscle fibers as possible, which should be your main goal. Your cardio workout

If you plan to do cardio, calculate the total time available by subtracting your five-minute warm-up (and five-minute cool-down if you're doing intervals) and any time that you've allotted for lifting weights. Then simply perform continuous cardio or intervals for the duration of your designated time.

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