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Meet the 2008 MF 25

Meet the fittest guys in America as featured in the June/July 2008 issue of Men's Fitness

Walter Dix, 22 - The Sprinter
Fastest man in America? The 5'9", 190-pound Dix sure made a compelling argument last year by setting the U.S. collegiate record in the 100m (9.93 seconds) and the all-time NCAA record in the outdoor 200m (19.69). For a sprinter, he's big. Like, real big. "It must be my genetics," says Dix, "because it wasn't really from blasting it in the weight room." Dix lifts three days a week, doing high reps in exercises like squats and power cleans. "In track, everything's about quickness," he says, "so it's better to do things quicker in the weight room than to try and go heavy." A senior at Florida State, Dix is wrapping up a stellar college career and is looking to qualify and compete in the Olympics in Beijing.

Dierks Bentley, 32 - The Road Warrior
With 250 shows a year, the platinum-selling country rocker has been to almost every town in the U.S.-and worked out in each of them. Committed to staying in shape on the road, Bentley says he's hit every chain and independent gym. "I've even worked out in church basements," says Bentley, who's lost 15 pounds since he started touring in 2003. The Nashville, Tenn., resident gets a pretty nice burn back home too, taking the ice every Monday with his rec hockey team, the Nashville Iceholes. "We all share the same passion for the sport," he says. "And for a good fourth period at the pub after the game."

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Jason Osborn, 30 & Jason Wright, 29 - The Entrepreneurs
When fashion models Osborn and Wright needed a healthy snack, they started baking their own granola, about two pounds a day, in their West Village walk-up in New York City. Four years later, their Feed Granola Co. makes 30,000 pounds a month for Whole Foods and other health stores nationwide, and is poised to generate $2 million in sales by the end of the year. Marketing their product on cross-country road trips (in a hybrid car, no less), the two Jasons say they sometimes need to "get creative" when it comes to staying fit (usually four sets of 15 pushups, situps, pullups, and plyometric lunges in whatever hotel room they're in at the moment, plus a five-mile jog). Lucky for them, they've got the perfect post-workout food.

Ed Donner, 31 - The Regular Joe
"It still hasn't sunk in yet," says the Melbourne, Fla., investment securities specialist after beating out more than 100 Men's Fitness readers to land on our list. Sure, his stats are impressive (5'11", 174 pounds, 4.9% body fat), but it's his Ironman triathlon training that's truly staggering. On weekdays, Donner wakes up at 4:30 a.m. and runs eight to 10 miles or bikes between 30 and 40 miles. His afternoon "brick" workouts-what triathletes call two workouts in a row-consists of a swim and weight session, weight and bike, or weight and run. Every Saturday since New Year's, he's been biking 80 to 120 miles along Interstate 95, then running another four to eight miles to simulate a typical race day, even in 95-degree weather, thunderstorms, and lightning. His daily 5,000-calorie diet includes a dinner that can feed a small family: six to eight turkey burgers and three huge servings of vegetables. Donner says he doesn't work out to be the most ripped guy out there. "Some people say I look 21 years old," he says. "I actually feel better now than when I was 21."

Mac Danzig, 28 - The Fighter
With an aggressive style and well-rounded scrapping skills, Danzig decimated the com- petition on season six of The Ultimate Fighter, Spike TV's hugely popular reality show featuring Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) aspirants. Now a contender in the UFC's highly competitive lightweight (155-pound) division, Danzig doesn't mind having to shed human blood to win a fight, but he can't tolerate that of animals-he's been a vegan since 2004. "Meat just started grossing me out," says the Las Vegas-based fighter. "I was about a month from a fight and decided I was going to cut out all meat. I won that fight and went on a 12-fight win streak."

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Shemar Moore, 38 - The G-Man
As FBI agent Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds, Moore channels his inner action star by doing all his own stunts and chase scenes. Prone to two-hour daily workouts in his gym trailer, Moore once seemed destined for pro sports. "My mother jokes that I was born kicking a soccer ball. In college, I was throwing a baseball 94 miles an hour, running track, and playing football." He also led a Criminal Minds cycling team to raise money for multiple sclerosis, in honor of his mother, who was diagnosed in 1999. "Last year we had 35 riders and rode 100 miles. Now, after all these years of working out, it's not just about how good I look in the mirror."

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