1 Month Tough Mudder Training Plan

Get prepared to master even the toughest race obstacles with this routine created by Matthew Daniele, trainer and founder of Asylum Fitness in New York.
Tough Mudder

The Tough Mudder is not only a test of your physical abilities, but it's also a test of your mental fortitude. These hardcore mud runs are about overcoming your fears. They range from 10 to 12 miles with 25 to 40 obstacles, including the Electroshock Therapy where you sprint through a field of live wires and the Ball Shrinker where you must cross an icy body of water by walking on a rope. Some of the terrain is mountainous, some is flat ground, and some is a mix of both—but rest assured—all are challenging and fun.

The real beauty of the Mudder lies not in being the strongest or the fastest, but in the teamwork attitude that almost all Mudders share. For most its not a race to beat everyone else's time, but an adventure where you concentrate on finishing with a team of people who are right there with you to help you through the toughest challenges.  You will see plenty of Mudders stopping to help out a fallen Mudder or staying back to push other Mudders over one of the 12-foot wall climbs.  It's a true display of selflessness that you don't see in any other race.  Everyone has a single goal in mind, and that goal is to finish alive. Real Mudder runners help each other achieve that goal.

That being said, your body must be in top condition to master the physical challenges that lie ahead. Ideally, you'd do a 12- to 16-week training program. If you have only one month to prepare, follow this easy plan to increase your conditioning and stamina. Warning: This is a program designed for guys who are already actively working out, and not someone who has been skipping the gym for a month or more before starting this routine. Follow this plan so you can fully enjoy chugging that beer with your team mates at the finish line.



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