1 Month Tough Mudder Training Plan

Get prepared to master even the toughest race obstacles with this routine created by Matthew Daniele, trainer and founder of Asylum Fitness in New York.

Workout C 

Sandbells or Kettlebells

The routine: Check out this instructional video, and then do the following:

sandbell jumpsquats

sandbell thrusters

sandbell overhead oblique slams

pushup sandbell flip/row

sandbell burpees

sandbell swings

sandbell around the worlds

sandbell box jumps

sandbell situp

sandbell alternate split squats

Week four add-ons: Lateral jump burpees wtih sandbell and three hop sandbell burpees

The reps:

Week 1: 30 times each

Week 2: 40 times each

Week 3: 50 times each

Week 4:  50 times each plus 15 each of the two additional exercises




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