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Post-Holiday Workouts for Bulkers and Cutters

This holiday season, don't be afraid to pile your plate with food, just be prepared to punish yourself the next day.

The period of time surrounding Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years is one of those rare, great occasions during which you gather with family and friends and rally up the food plows. Think about all the various foods, drinks and snacks at your gluttonous disposal. Most fitness fanatics view the holiday season as the dietary apocalypse, but this year, allow yourself a different perspective and see how slacking on your diet can re-energize your training and work within your fitness goals.



If your goal is to gain muscle and to pack it on, you’ve got to work out hard and eat the foods that aid recovery. So, if the mission is bulking up, go ahead and cram your gullet like a peace pipe; just make sure you hit the gym hard the next day. NEXT-DAY TRAINING FOR BULKERS Shoot for an all-out, full-body assault leaving no muscle fiber unscathed. Blasting every single muscle in this routine will make it downright reckless to decline seconds and sevenths at the dinner table. Exercise 1: Deadlift Exercise 2: Bench Press Exercise 3: Military Press Exercise 4: Barbell Curls Exercise 5: Weighted Dips Exercise 6: Weighted Crunches with Rope Perform three to four sets of each exercise. For the first two sets, select enough weight to reach complete failure somewhere between eight and 10 reps. For the last two sets, adjust the weight so you're reaching complete failure somewhere between five and seven reps.   NEXT: POST-HOLIDAY PARTY WORKOUT FOR CUTTERS  


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