11 Reasons You're Not Breaking Training Plateaus

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11 Reasons You're Not Breaking Training Plateaus

Everyone hits plateaus, but there's no reason your progress should come to a complete stop. The most common reasons you're not getting better and how to remedy them.

9) You’re doing the Curves-for-men program and just using machines.

Machines are traditionally prescribed to trainees when initially starting a resistance-training program; however, they are inferior when compared to free and body weight exercises when trying to build strength and size.

Think of a gymnast—how many leg extensions do you think they’ve done in their athletic career? Body weight and free weight exercises challenge not only your prime movers, but highly activate joint stabilizers and the infamous core muscles—muscles that get very little attention when using machines. Transition from your machine based program to free and body weight exercises—you can thank us later.

You can expand on this concept and include non-conventional tools such as sandbags, kettlebells, rings or sleds to your workouts. These pieces of equipment can provide new challenges and some badass variety to your training.


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