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12 Days of Stressmas

Our sexy helpers are here to get you through the holidays without going crazy

4.) Drop that sugarplum, Tubby!

We know, we know, there's little time to exercise during the holidays. MF's heard it all before. And rum balls, deviled eggs, and — woo-hoo! — open bars on the company dime don't help your suddenly Santa-like waistline. But if you're mentally prepared to fight holiday fat, it will help prevent you from turning into a celebratory butterball. Absolutely do not disrupt your exercise regime," says Michael Roizen, M.D. "In fact, exercise more." Roizen, the bestselling author of the anti-aging bible RealAge and a self-described preventative gerontologist, also noted that the non-health-conscious lifestyle we're accustomed to living over the holidays can make you age four years in one month. "If you gathered all the food you eat at one reception," he says, "it would fit on a 24-inch platter — enough for three days. So you should actually aim to lose weight — that way you probably won't gain any."

Game Plan: Just because you see pigs in blankets at holiday parties doesn't mean you have to be one. Always alternate between food and a glass of water — the water will fill you up and leave less room for junk. Ditto for lots of raw veggies at your holiday bashes.

Bonus: Above all, beware the baked goods. "Cookies are addictive," says Roizen. "Once you start, it's all over."



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