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12 Days of Stressmas

Our sexy helpers are here to get you through the holidays without going crazy

8.) Designate Rudolph to drive your sleigh tonight.

Your drinking buddy is renowned for his wild, annual, no-holds-barred Grinch Bash, where anyone who's a Who shows up. But before you leave, think BAC — as in blood-alcohol content. The legal minimum is .08. That's the blood-alcohol level that can get you nailed for DUI. Not only would it suck to spend anytime whatsoever in jail if you get caught, but if you drive while impaired, you could also seriously hurt yourself, a loved one, or an innocent stranger.

Game Plan: Enjoy yourself all you want — just make sure you leave the keys to the Bentley at home and cab it to the party. Better yet, designate a friend who's "in the program" to be the night's designated driver. Going solo? Then act your age. "Drinking
one or two drinks a night is fine," says RealAge guru Roizen. "Drink more and you're inebriated."

Bonus: If you drive to a party and feel too drunk to drive home, don't hesitate to call a cab. Unless you live in Kabul, your wheels will likely still be there in the morning.



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