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2013 Dirty Dutch Model Beach Volleyball Tournament: Player Profile

MF chats with CrossFit competitor and former tennis professional turned fitness entrepreneur, Nathan Forster.

On February 9th and 10th South Beach, Miami will be jam-packed with some of the modeling industry's most beautiful faces and bodies going head-to-head at The 2013 Dirty Dutch Model Beach Volleyball Tournament. But the event attracts much more than just perfectly sculpted physiques and bronzed skin-tones. 

We recently sat with former tennis professional turned CrossFit competitor, and entreprenuer, Nathan Forster for his take on the event, the competion, and how fitness is not only his life, but also his livelihood. 

MF: So Nathan, you're a former professional model, a CrossFit competitor and the owner of two 'boxes' - Reebok CrossFit 5th ave in NYC and Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach in FL. Is there anything that you don’t do?!

NF: Well, I was a professional tennis player before the modeling, so I played on tour for 2 years. But, the biggest thing I can tell you about is my company, Rhinoco Fitness. It's a full circle of wellness. Basically we have a supplement company, called Nutriforce Sports. And then we have the gyms, (Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave and Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach) which is the fitness side of things. We also have an athlete management aspect where we manage different athletes and a management company that manages the fitness gyms, so we have the staffing and everything that goes with it, we call it the Rhinoco Management Group.

MF: That sounds like a lot. How did you get started with that?

NF: We started with the gyms (or 'boxes'), then we decided that our whole take on life was that we wanted to represent the full circle of wellness. To us that includes fitness, recovery and nutrition. So, we’re covering the fitness and the recovery with our gyms and wellness centers in the gyms. We have physical therapists and MAT, ART, and chiropractors that work in all of our locations, so there’s the recovery. As for the nutrition aspect, we have the supplement company, Nutriforce Sport. We're really hope it's is going to take over the marketplace because all of our stuff is all-natural. No artificial sweeteners, made by athletes for athletes, so it’s pretty cool stuff.

MF: Wow, very entrepreneurial...

NF: Yea, I’m definitely a major entrepreneur that’s for sure. My role is growing the business. I'm the guy that goes into the meeting and gets big deals done. I also ensure the business goes into the direction that we want. I love my job and I love doing it. One of my biggest sayings that I live by is that if you don’t love what you’re doing, then you’re never going to do it well enough. So love what you do, that’s important.

MF: Any big partnerships or projects that you've gotten started on?

NF: Well there's another new company that we just got involved with, FUSE Science. We just partnered with them and they are doing great things with electrolyte technology. Basically, it’s a company that has a muscle rub and an electrolyte energy gel. The gel is pretty interesting. It goes under your tongue to get into your body quicker than taking a pill or doing anything else. So, we just started working with them and we’re very excited about it.



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