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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your 10K Time

Want to set a PR? USA’s 10K Trail Champion David Roche gives MF the lowdown on what really makes you faster.

Training for a 10K race is difficult. It isn’t a sprint, so running shorter distances on a track isn’t as crucial, but it’s not even a half-marathon either—so sustained long distance runs aren’t as beneficial. And your pace needs to be fast, but not too fast, or your body will be gassed long before you cross the finish line. With correct training, nutrition, and a proper mindset, you can get faster. It’s just a matter of knowing how.

So, we asked David Roche, this year’s USA Track & Field 10K Trail Champion (with a time of 41:21), to give us some quick, easy-to-use tips on improving your 10K time. Here's how he says you can find the right training balance and up your mental game.

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