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4 Ways to Get More Reps in Any Lift

Build maximum strength and muscle with these training tweaks.
4 Ways to Get More Reps in Any Lift

When it comes to breaking plateaus, there’s usually a reason why they occurred in the first place. If building strength was as simple as choosing different exercises, then you’d see no end to your progress, year-round.  Choosing too many different movements can often take the emphasis off of the more important primal movement patterns that should always be the hub of your training, regardless of what phase you’re in.

Here’s how to break through plateaus in strength, size, or muscular endurance by tampering with your rep schemes of the same movement. 

The Science

Our body’s prime source of energy when lifting weights comes in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It fuels us for explosive, intense work for no more than 15 seconds and usually takes a couple of minutes to completely restore ATP once we’ve drained it all. But, if we partially restore it, it can give us just enough juice to squeeze out a few more reps than we originally would have.

Use the following tactics to lengthen your sets and perform more reps. The result: stronger, bigger, and more conditioned muscles. 

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