The Booze Hound.

Booze Hounds are a giveaway, but their peer pressure influence can be much stronger than you think. They love a party and live to sampe different drinks, knowing every detail of how they're made and packaged—even their origins.

Booze Hounds also hate drinking alone, so you’re flirting with danger here.

Their party animal ploys:

“Come on, man. Loosen up. It’s the weekend! You’ve worked hard all week, so you deserve to relax and have fun.”

Our advice:

Option 1: Be your own judge. You know better than anyone how hard you've worked—and whether it’s time to "relax" or not. “Thanks, but alcohol effects my training immensely, so I can’t do it.”

Option 2: Nurse something. If you can’t get the Booze Hounds to leave you alone, grab a beer or a mixed drink and sip slowly. After they’ve been hitting the sauce for a while, they’ll have no clue you’ve been drinking the same drink for four hours.

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