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The 5 Fitness Foes to Avoid

Disciplined and determined dudes, beware. These are the 5 types of folks that couldn't care less about you hitting your goals.

The Leech.

The Leech is one of the most dangerous Foes of all because he's sucking the life out of you and you don’t even know it. The Leech is typically a training partner, someone who wants to work out with you so he can learn your tricks and get that extra push he needs.

However, The Leech doesn’t come into the gym with as much intensity as you, yet he expects you to push him and spot him for every set—before prematurely calling your session a wrap.

Blood sucking signs to watch for:

1. Lack of intensity

2. Lack of training ideas or programs and challenges

3. Poor spotting

Our advice:

Make it very clear to any new training partner that you’d love to have someone work with you, but don’t neglect to set some expectations up front. Let him know that he'll need to push you, spot you, and always come with a workout idea for the day.



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