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5 Muscle-Shocking Methods You Forgot All About

Rev up your workout intensity with these five methods for muscle mass and fat loss.

2. Mechanical Advantage Drop Sets

Our muscular system works as a series of levers and pulleys that move our joints during an exercise. As a result, there are certain positions and exercises that give your muscle more of an advantage. For instance, wide grip pull-ups are more difficult than their close-grip counterparts because of the position of your limbs and the muscles involved. You can capitalize on this concept by starting at the positions your weakest and moving towards stronger positions as you fatigue for a whole new world of exhaustion.

To start using mechanical advantage drop sets in your routine, pick an exercise at the end of your workout as a finisher such as pull-ups. Start with a wide grip and perform as many as possible. When you can’t do any more, immediately shift to a parallel grip with your palms facing each other and continue. After that, shift to a chin-up grip (underhand) and crank out a few more. You should be able to get at least two to three more reps with each grip change. This same method can be applied to bench press and back squats. Start with one set at the end of your workout and progress up to three sets over the course of a few weeks.

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