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5 Muscle-Shocking Methods You Forgot All About

Rev up your workout intensity with these five methods for muscle mass and fat loss.

3. Complexes

You may use supersets in your current program to increase training density and fatigue a certain muscle group. Complexes take this concept to the next level. By working three to four exercises in a row, you’ll compound fatigue on a certain group of muscles leading to an insane stimulus for growth.

To incorporate complexes in your routine, pick a group of muscles to target. For this example, we’re going to use the chest group. Select three (intermediate) or four (advanced) exercises according to the following layout:

1. Power exercise - 3-5 reps (Example: Clapping Push-up)
2. Strength Exercise - 6-8 reps (Example: Dumbbell Bench Press)
3. Isolation Exercise - 8-12 reps (Example: Cable Chest Fly)
4. Bodyweight Fatigue Exercise - As many reps as possible (Example: Close Grip Push-up)

By the time you get to the bodyweight fatigue exercise at the end, your chest should be thoroughly exhausted. Because this complex combines power, strength, and hypertrophy rep ranges, you’ll stimulate a ton of muscle fibers and create a huge potential for growth. Be sure to move in a fast and explosive manner during the power exercises. “The high velocity contractions required to execute the lifts correctly recruit what are called high threshold motor units, which activate your fast twitch muscle fibers. These fiber types have the greatest potential for improvements in size and strength, compared to their slow twitch counterparts,” according to Jon-Erik Kawamoto, head trainer at

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